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How can I add accounts and social profiles in

After registering for a sshare account you'll gain access to your private area. From here you can view the control panel on the left. Under 'Accounts' you should be able to click 'Add Account' where you can link to your social profiles and accounts. After adding a new account, click 'Connect Social Network' and follow the remaining steps.

How can I see my scheduled posts and content?

You have two options, you can view the posts you have scheduled for each account in ‘Accounts’ or you can just select ‘Calendar’ and view all posts from all accounts scheduled during each month. You will also have a brief view at your dashboard and some notifications about your posted content.

What do I get with the free trial?

With the free trial, you can access everything has to offer - add accounts, schedule and publish posts, use the calendar, view analytics, make use of tasks and assignments, as well as many other functions.

Will I be notified before my free trial ends?

Yes, you will receive a notification before the free trial is due to expire with an option to continue with or cancel your plan.

Will I lose all my content if I do not renew?

No, your content will be saved in 'Drafts'. You can reactivate your account at any time and recover all of your work.

How can I add team members to my subscription?

To add members to your team you just have to:

  • Select the arrow next to the user name on the top right menu
  • Select 'Users'
  • And then add a 'New User'

How can I edit team roles of users?

Only the ADMIN user (who subscribed for the account) can assign roles. In 'Account Settings', under 'Users', you can add, assign, edit and archive users.

How do I see how my content is performing?

With you have the ability to monitor how your audience interacts with your campaigns. To do this, go to the 'Analytics' tab. From here you can also quickly download auto-generated reports, and/or send them directly to team members or clients by inserting their email addresses and clicking 'send report'.

What is the 'Goals' function?

With your account you can set yourself goals for each of your social accounts. Goals relate to how many posts or pieces of content you wish to post per week, or on a two-week or monthly basis. You will be notified if you are not scheduling enough posts to meet your desired goals. In 'Calendar' view, you will quickly see which weeks require content to be scheduled.

How can I integrate my Mailchimp account with sshare?

If you have a Mailchimp subscription you can easily integrate this with your account to convert your scheduled social posts into emails. Simply add your Mailchimp account as a new social media profile and select the contacts list you want to assign to that account. You can connect different contacts lists from Mailchimp to your different account's social profiles. Now you'll be set up to convert your social media posts into an email marketing campaign in one-click.


What are your payment methods?

At we accept Credit Card, PayPal and Bank Reference (depending on the destination country of the bank account).

Will you send an invoice along with the payments?

Yes, after you subscribe and renew your account we will automatically generate a Legal VAT Invoice. You can download them any time in your 'Account Settings' in the top right corner.

Account Settings

How can I cancel my subscription

We'll be sorry to see you go, but you can cancel your subscription in 'Account Options'.

Mobile Apps

How can I download the app?

The app is available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store and Google Play. Look out for the quick links to both stores on the website and in the dashboard view of your account. Here you'll find the link on the left menu under 'Applications'.

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