Tag several social media accounts at once!

With our efficient tagging system, with just one @tag, you can insert other social media accounts, such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on .. No more of those times of scheduling and publishing - and then going to the post, edit it and tag them manually, on each social media account! No, no!

sshare.media mentions pages
sshare.media listen to mentions

See when people talk about your brand and reply straight away!

Never miss an opportunity to listen when your brand is tagged or when someone is speaking of it! You can be on top of the buzz and also provide relevant feedback on the moment!

Get notified when you’re falling behind on your scheduling target

With sshare, you can set specific goals to each account / project, so that you can be on track of your goals. If any of your goals are about to fail, you will be notified straight away!

sshare.media goals
sshare.media chat rooms

Chat and exchange ideas with your teammates!

Managing your content, ideas and planning never has been easier! Create Chat Rooms with your colleagues (and even clients) or simply speak to them directly! You can send files such as images, videos, documents .. and having it quickly scheduled on sshare! Couldn't be more practical than this!

Post panoramas or any other image on the original size to instagram!

With sshare, you can post any sized picture to instagram without having to crop it - including nice panoramas too! Vertically or horizontally, you can now post to all your social media profiles the entire size of your content! Can't get better than this!

sshare.media panoram
sshare.media video

Post full-sized videos to instagram without cropping!

We all know that moment of when Instagram force us to crop our media, pictures and videos, to adapt to their sizes! Now you don't need to let anyone apart on all of your content! Post any video to Instagram on the original sizes without Instagram cropping it!

Keep on top of your task list with our assignments system!

Assign work, tasks, campaigns .. or simply do an overview summary with your team about a catchup meeting with your clients! Speak internally without having too many platforms, always have the work done!

sshare.media tasks

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