How to launch an idea to the world?

Business Tips Social Media Others Published at 14/10/2020 3 min. read How to launch an idea to the world?

New ideas are launched to the market almost every day with a great study behind it because it is necessary to have an idea of how to market a product efficiently.

Marketing strategy is an essential and necessary tool for any organization, a long-term planning with the fundamental objective of achieving a sustainable competitive advantage.

Having an idea of a fantastic product or service is not enough to guarantee great returns on your investment. Implementing an ideal marketing plan results in a successful launch of the product idea and this offers a great advantage. While the competition is high for launching something new, at the right time and with the right tools it will make your marketing strategies more effective.

How to launch an idea effectively?

  • Search!

    Try to develop products from a latent search: people already have a problem that will be solved with the product you will offer.
    Besides this strategy to increase your chances of success, it will also guarantee a great expectation around your marketing.

    Search the competitors

    Competition is an important point. If your competitors have a product similar to the one you intend to launch, try to observe how you can stand out and what benefits you can bring to your audience.

    Make a SWOT analysis

    SWOT analysis, is a strategic planning technique used to help identify Strenghts, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats related to competition.
    Take into consideration the market, its competitors and its differentials.

    Think about the price

    One of the biggest challenges when launching a product idea to the world is the price. Price is a psychological factor for the public. Very expensive products can not sell, but very cheap can pass the notion of quality versus price.

  • Develop from your research!

    Have you researched enough and assembled your strategy? It's time to develop the idea!
    Make sure your product idea has all the basic attributes. Do several tests until you are sure that your product has the desired quality before launching it.

    Bring your idea to life

    Visual identity and brand are an essential source for your product, That is, how do you want your product to be seen? If it is on a shelf how do you want it to stand out? What will his name say about its characteristics?
    That is, if you want your company to be recognized from the product in quesiton it should have a unique identity and will end up being engraved in the mind of the consumer.

  • Plan the launch of the product idea from the beginning!

    Once your research has been done, develop a strategy based on what you have discovered:

    . What is the public that has potential for your idea?
    . Which are the most effective launching platforms to call attention to the same public?
    . Would your product idea have sales fluctuations depending on the time of year?
    . What would be the best time for your launch?

  • Create a launch strategy!

    From the research made on the previous steps determine in which wat you intend to attract the desired public. You can think on pre-release and launch strategies, that is, to call the attention of the audience even before the product is launched.

  • And finally the launch!

    With everything planned and schematized with the important details thought out, it's time to launch your idea!
    When launching your product do not concentrate on presenting new features or reengineering it. Make a demonstration to solve your customers problem. For a potential customer it is important that you demonstrate understanding the current situation and that you don't just want to make an advertisement.


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