2022 Marketing Tips for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Digital Marketing Business Tips Social Media Published at 28/07/2022 4 min. read 2022 Marketing Tips for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

With the turmoil caused by the pandemic, several companies are looking for a way to adapt within the digital environment. With this we intend to demonstrate some tips to improve marketing strategies for small and medium-sized companies for the year 2022!

With the turmoil caused by the pandemic, several companies are looking for a way to adapt within the digital environment. Due to this period of time, companies are now able to discover the world of digital marketing and opt for a more beneficial strategy to reach the target audience.

Did you know that:

  1. More than 88% of small businesses invest heavily in social media. This demonstrates the importance of networks in reaching customers;
  2. Nearly half of small businesses (54%) use email marketing to facilitate personal connections with their customers;
  3. Small and medium-sized companies (56%) plan to invest more in promoting their digital platforms to strengthen their offer;
  4. In 2020, several SMEs invested heavily in Video Marketing (32%) to captivate potential consumers;
  5. One way to pay attention to the funding base, more than half of SMEs (63%) have employees to create digital marketing content along with their other responsibilities. Only 16% however use digital marketers;
  6. About two thirds of SMEs (63%) still use Traditional Marketing in their strategies, which is still very effective;
  7. More than three quarters of small businesses (76%) believe that Digital Marketing is effective in achieving their goals;
  8. In 2020, the top 5 goals of digital marketing were: converting leads (19%), increasing web traffic (17%), increasing income from products or services sold (15%), increasing customer interaction with the brand (14%) and generate a large number of leads (14%). The objectives differ according to each business.

With this, we intend to demonstrate some tips to improve marketing strategies for small and medium-sized companies for the year 2022:

  • Build a digital presence
    With the limit created due to the pandemic itself, small and medium-sized companies must focus on the digital environment in order to reach their customers. Social networks are a good way to grow a business and are an important element of marketing strategies. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc…)
  • Email Marketing
    Email marketing is also an important element of any marketing strategy. Allows you to send emails to a company's contact list. It is a direct communication channel with the public, which can be used to strengthen relationships and generate potential customers and sales.
    Email Marketing is a technique used to advertise products, inform about new offers and send exclusive messages to customers and potential customers.
  • Website Marketing (platform promotion)
    A website is the best marketing tool. Online visibility is important for any business and essential to being present in the market. By Website Marketing we mean promoting the business's own website in order to bring in more visitors. These visitors are potential consumers for the service or product and thus create an opportunity to convince consumers to potential customers.
  • Video Marketing (communicate via promo-videos)
    Using videos as a form of marketing also ends up increasing the business as the public ends up enjoying the time to watch the videos themselves. From video marketing it is possible to promote products and services and thus create storytelling, the art of storytelling and a powerful practice to appeal to consumers' emotions. The use of this tool is important to generate trust and help in the purchase decision and is one of the easiest ways to memorize a message and, consequently, the company.
  • Internal Digital Marketing Resources
    For small businesses with tighter funding, using their own employees to create digital marketing content is also an excellent solution. In this way, the employees themselves already know the company's own product or service and are able to cover more in terms of marketing.
  • Traditional Marketing
    One way to also increase marketing strategies is using traditional marketing itself, where communication is unidirectional, from the company to the customer, and through direct and mass advertising. The goal of traditional marketing is to increase sales, instantly and immediately.
  • Determine the purpose of the Company
    Before starting to plan a marketing strategy it is essential to first determine the purpose of the company. This is called a visual identity, the way the company wants its customers to recognize it. The creation of this identity must be done in order to represent the company in a unique and authentic way in order to be recognized for its product or service. Having this developed makes it easier to choose a marketing strategy that integrates well within the business.

A successful digital marketing campaign can benefit small and medium-sized businesses during unpredictable times. The impact of the pandemic continues to leave its mark over time, so companies need to plan for the long term for digital marketing in order to differentiate themselves from the market.

Using internal resources to manage digital marketing and also focusing on traditional marketing are other ways in which these companies focus due to their funding, in order to invest in the company's growth and stability.

These are some tips to help the various companies that are still adapting to the post-covid period.





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