14 ways to use social media for business

Digital Marketing Business Tips Social Media Published at 21/03/2021 4 min. read 14 ways to use social media for business

Don’t get stuck in a rut with your social media content, mix it up! Here are some ways you can

Add some variety on social media beyond the straightforward text and photo-based post. Get creative with these 14 different ways to share content.

Share an article or blog post

Blog posts are the easiest way to generate content. Share your own blog posts or someone else’s and make your post interesting by lifting information from the article to give your post a hook, rather than just sharing the link.

Post a quote or re-tweet someone you follow

Use a quote to grab attention, be sure to attribute it to its origin. You could add information or opinion to show that you support the sentiment, emojis also help in this instance :) 

Make a statement

The quickest way to get to audiences is via social media, which is why many businesses are making it their primary channel for pushing out company notices. Making a company announcement on social media gets the information in front of eyeballs, with minimal spend and effort.

Share an opinion or provide information

Most businesses have a speciality that makes them unique and a great source for information. Sharing this knowledge with your audience could quickly lead to your follower numbers going up!

Live stream

Connect directly with your network by streaming from ‘behind the scenes’ or turning one of your colleagues into a potential viral star.

Promote a product, sale or service

Got a new product or exclusive discount? Share it instantly on social media and leave your network to share it among friends and family.

Create a graphic

Infographics are a great way to share lots of information in a visually-appealing way. There are plenty of free and easy to use tools to help you create beautiful graphics, effortlessly.

Ask a question or start a poll

Ask your network for information that can help to craft a product or service. Polls and questions provide interactivity for users and ensures you can tailor your business to meet consumer needs.

Make a story, reel or video

Try adding some variety to your posts by using a range of different formats. If you create a story on Instagram you could save it and share it as a post later or on other platforms.

Join in the conversation

Is there a trending topic that you can share some insight on? Does your product or service help solve an issue that people are talking about? Social media is a great way to monitor and contribute to the conversations your consumers are having.

Use tags

Hashtags and mentions are the easiest way to surface your content and create interaction with other social media users. Tagging location will also promote your business to people looking for your products and services locally, too.

Host a competition or giveaway

Drum up some excitement (and promote your business in the process) by launching a social media competition or prize giveaway.


Team up with an influencer or fellow business to launch a new range or broaden your appeal to a wider pool of people. Well-known faces will also help to boost trust in your business.

Tease and reveal!

Build some tension and make the most of the opportunity to launch new products or services by posting daily countdown content or teasing that a reveal is coming soon. This gets people talking and will create intrigue around your brand.

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