Promote your brand without driving people away

Digital Marketing Business Tips Social Media Published at 25/02/2021 2 min. read Promote your brand without driving people away

Marketing is an essential part of business and consumerism, but just the term itself can put some people off

Good marketing is never a problem. When done well, it’s simply the act of taking the effort away from a consumer and linking them to a product or service that provides some sort of benefit or solves a problem that they have.

You can have a great product, yet without a successful marketing strategy you will struggle to reach your customers. However, marketing done badly could risk damaging your business because your potential consumers won’t even get as far as trying your product or service.

Here are some of sshare's tips to help you successfully promote your brand on social media and ensure people don't click that unfollow button.

Add personality but edit yourself accordingly

Put yourself in the shoes of your audience and think how you’d feel seeing the post you’re about to publish. Having character is great, but don’t say anything you wouldn’t say to someone in person.

Don’t be cringey

Try to avoid the social media clichés – don’t expect to go from zero to hero in seconds with one viral post. Most viral moments happen by accident!

Be clear and concise

Know what you want to say and say it in as few words as possible (without sounding angry, of course). People scroll quickly!

Give value

You’ll retain and grow followers if you’re providing something worthwhile – discounts, exclusive content, information or education. Avoid just trying to sell, sell, sell.

Collaborate and interact

Think about doing a fun giveaway or new product range with an influencer in your market space. Make sure it’s a good match and doesn’t feel forced, audiences can see through that in minutes!

Celebrate success and give praise

Is someone or something in your business field doing well? Admire them! Nothing turns off potential customers like seeing a brand take a jealous swipe at another competitor… leave that to your customers ;-)

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