Five Social Media Hacks to Increase Visibility

Digital Marketing Business Tips Social Media Published at 13/01/2021 3 min. read Five Social Media Hacks to Increase Visibility

In an increasingly busy social media space, improving the visibility of your posts can be a challenge

1. Repeat content

Share your posts more than once! This is the easiest way to generate content. Be strategic with it – you don’t want to end up with a feed of constantly repeated posts, but if the content is evergreen and scattered among other content then you can easily repeat it a few times over the course of a month or even throughout the year.

If you’re uncomfortable with repeating content, then try repurposing it with a slightly different angle. But if it’s good content and worth sharing in the first place, then give those who may have missed it the opportunity to see it again. A consumer has to see your message many times before they are likely to take action.

2. Share everywhere

Post your content in as many places as you can. You want to get noticed so being active on all social platforms is the best way to ensure your posts aren’t getting missed.  You may need to adapt your posts slightly for different platforms, but that’s easy enough to do once you know what it is you want to say or are trying to achieve.

Scheduling tools like sshare can help make this an easy (and enjoyable!) task by duplicating your posts on multiple platforms with one click.

3. Schedule ahead

Take a little time to schedule content in advance, so you can rest assured that your social accounts remain active in the eyes of your consumers. By doing this you’ll be able to see when there are gaps in your content marketing plan and you can plan for busier times of the year as well.

A good social media marketing plan takes time to develop and succeed, but by scheduling ahead you leave yourself open to be flexible when things don’t go exactly as planned. You can use a social media scheduling tool for advanced planning, this will show your posts in a monthly calendar view - so you can physically see how your social media activity will unfold.

4. Connect with your network

An obvious way to increase visibility of your posts is by growing your audience base. Make sure you’re connecting with all of your contacts for a start. You can also grow your base by inviting the people who engage with your content, to like your pages or connect with you on various social media platforms.

Paid advertising on social media can offer very good return on investment and will definitely improve your visibility, too. You can target your posts for specific purposes, for example to increase page likes or drive sales.

5. Hashtags and topics

Keeping an eye on trending topics and using hashtags properly is a great way to propel your content in front of a receptive audience. Be sure not to wade into conversations beyond your expertise, but where you can offer genuine insight, products, advice or opinion, then using topics and hashtags to get your brand voice out there is a real opportunity. 

It’s a good idea to use hashtags and emoticons on your posts where possible. Emoticons help to give your posts personality and hashtags serve to surface content when a user is searching for a specific topic.

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